What is Pointz of View?

You might ask yourself, what is Pointz of View? What is the purpose of this blog? Who writes this blog? Why do you spell the phrase points of view wrong, and spell it like pointz of view?

First off, Pointz of View is blog that was started in August of 2009 under the title Opinions. When it first began, this blog was intended to provide opinons on topics that will, are, or have impacted our lives, such as the economy, the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and social issues such as abortion and gay marriage. This blog also intended to give you a view on how a New York City teen views certain topics such as the ones mentioned above, and how his postions might change or strengthen as he grows and matures through the world of adolescence, and into adulthood. We also hoped, by the way of interesting blog posts and provocative op-eds, to question, change and/or strengthen your positions on issues and as such, make you more informed on the issues America, and the world faces today. 

Since then, the purpose has not changed. We strive to offer our readers varying pointz of view on politics, social issues, and the economy as well as on the issues of normal life and adolescence in New York City, such as sports, school, technology, culture, and transit - for your amusement and knowledge.

So yeah, now that you know what Pointz of View means and the purpose of the blog, allow me to introduce myself. I am a teenager who lives in New York City who is interested in politics, current events,   and the law- and that led me to start this blog. I am currently a sophomore at a New York City public high school, and my political leanings tend be left-leaning, or in essence, liberal (see JFK's quote on the right side, under the header The Definition of a Liberal). However, I refuse to be affiliated or tied to the current two-party system (It's a duopoly, and it's oh-so limited in the amount of change it can allow), and I'm an agnostic religiously. Closer to earth, I'm a Mets fan, an NY Giants fan, a huge soccer fan, and a transit buff. I'm also an avid reader of the New York Times and several online blogs, which are listed on the right side of the webpage.

So why do I spell the phrase points of view wrong and spell it as pointz of view? Well, it's to give a New York City bent on it, and it was the closest thing available to points of view left on Blogger.

So there you have it. I hope you enjoy reading this blog, watching its progress as time goes by, and getting intrigued by the posts and the different pointz of view offered here. Read, enjoy, and share.

Thank You.