Saturday, November 12, 2011

Site Changes

As viewers of this blog may have noticed, there have been some recent changes to the appearance and schematics of this blog, and I am happy to report that there will be more changes coming up. First off, appearance- the blog has been redesigned with a sleeker, more modern appearance that allows for faster loading on web browsers and less bugs, thus making your stay here more enjoyable. Post views have been reorganized to allow for easier reading, and the appearance of videos on Opinions has been worked out. Now, there will be two important changes on this blog that will take effect at 7:00 PM tonight, Saturday, November 12, 2011. First, the title of this blog will be changed from Opinions to Points of View, as differing points of view are being offered on this blog, and in the upcoming weeks, it won't just be me posting here- a number of new contributors will offer different perspectives and points of view on a variety of topics, and topics won't just be limited to politics- you'll see more posts not related to politics being brought for discussion here, such as sports, technology, culture, and more, but they will be related to the central mission of this blog- to provide differing points of view for you amusement and knowledge. But don't worry, my politically inclined viewers-politics will still be a central part of this blog. Lastly, and possibly the most important change to be made, this blog will be moved from it's current website, to as we wrap up the numerous changes to this blog, all designed to make your stay here more comfortable, more enjoyable, and more informative. These changes might seem all too confusing, as they are all culminating at once, but I (and soon we) thank you for cooperating with us, as we move on and get ready to offer you a unique point of view on the upcoming election, and life in general.