Sunday, August 16, 2009

Don't Forget That Magical Summer of '69

As the nation remembers this 40th anniversary of Woodstock, we also wish some of that magic passes to this troubled era. We are fighting two wars and our economy is trying to rebound. Yet we all can have some of that magic here. We need people that don't preach hate or are suicidal murders or spread fear. We need people that are helpful and want to help people, not hate. All that magic, or most can be transferred here. We don't need the pot or the chaos that was part of it. All we need is to people bring out their best in them, not their sour apples. Like Op-Ed Columnist Frank Rich mentioned in yesterday's newspaper- "...Oh, to be back in the idyllic summer of 1969, when the biggest sin committed by the rebellious mobs at Woodstock was getting stoned. Something else is happening here in our anxious summer of 2009, when instead of flower-power and free love there are reports of death threats and fanatics packing guns..."