Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Keep The Capital Construction Budget Untouched.

Lately, many prominent New York politicians have proposed that the MTA take money from it's Capital Construction budget to shore up the regular budget.

It is an absurd idea.

Really, why would use money intended for long-term investment and improvements to fix the short-term problem. This is exactly what led to decline of subway service into the 1970's-1980's. Really, why. Projects such as the Second Avenue Subway, or the Fulton Street Transit Center, and the 7 line extension need all the money they can get to keep it running on time. It's ironic that the people who fight for these projects are now trying to persuade the MTA to take money of them, at exactly the wrong time. Yes, I know that we need to find a solution to the MTA budget problems. I know that taking away student Metrocards would hurt the ability for kids to go to school. Yet the idea of taking money intended for long term investments and use it for short-term fixes, does more damage than good. Abandon the even the slightest notion of this terrible idea. Maybe, just maybe, use the Stimulus Funds? Anybody thought of that?