Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dave, Your Were Right On That Ethics Bill. It Was Very Weak.

On Tuesday, Gov. David Paterson vetoed an ethics bill which was NOT a solution to already low ethics standards of Albany, calling it weak.

He was right.

Calling it "Deeply Flawed," he was right in saying that the this bill does not go far enough toward fixing up Albany. Sure, it had some nice provisions. It would've required lawmakers to disclose a range of income they receive from outside businesses - and the names of their clients. However, it exempted lawmakers who are lawyers, such as Sampson and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Sliver from those provisions. Sampson said, "Corruption costs money, inaction is unacceptable and change delayed is change denied." Interesting he said that, because he is a lawyer, which exempts him from those provisions. A very ironic quote. The quote from Paterson should be heeded by everybody- "We have an historic opportunity to reform Albany, and if we fail to seize it, history will not forgive us - and neither will the people who sent us here to lead." 

That quote should be heeded, but since lawmakers treat Albany as a joke, they will laugh it off anyway. Albany has such low Ethics standards it should be called "The Barnyard." Because that what Albany is anyway. A joke. A farmhouse full of law,akers who think they are slick, but they're not. A teacher told me this, "Lawmakers are famous for two things, talking the talking the talk and not walking the walk. And robbing public money."

Not surprisingly, this is very true in Albany.