Monday, February 8, 2010

The New York Times & The Daily News Has Got It Right- We Got A "Failed State". We got a "State of Shame".

An interesting quote from the Times, I noticed, that mentioned, "New Yorkers should be appalled at their failed state government, particularly their corrupt and clueless Legislature. Scandal and irresponsibility have been Albany’s creed for decades. This year, the gang added another outrage to the list: complete fiscal incompetence." That hits the spot. What is even more appalling is that most New Yorkers don't care. Because we don't care, this gives Albany the green light to act in a way that disgraces us all, and makes us the laughing stock of the nation. The New York Times again- "The only solace is this: The entire Legislature is up for re-election in 2010. And unless there is a sudden turnaround — and, so far, we see few signs of it — New Yorkers have no choice but to vote out all the lawmakers and start over."
We should. Vote them all out and force to take a class called "Ethics for Dummies, A Special Guide for The New York State Legislature. If they don't pass, send them to face the music.Vote them all out. Expel Monserrate. His fellow senators are expected to decide next month whether to oust him. If they have any shame left, they must. He is clearly not qualified to represent New Yorkers. Also expel Mr. Espada. He has done nothing except steal the taxpayers money, and put a halt to the state government. And he failed to report campaign contributions. And he does not live in his district. Thats enough to throw him out. Surprisingly not, they have not. Why? Cause they are all cheap scumbags. They are.