Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Utter Hypocrite(s)...

Instead of spending attention on serious matters like the state budget, State Legislators Bill Perkins and Shirley Huntley of Queens are going after Charter Schools. What is really damning is that Perkins attended an upscale private school, went to Brown University, and now is try to deny the same chance for millions of New York City kids. For example, he is going after them because they are "rife with corruption and are being pillaged for profit". With the heck is he thinking? If Charter Schools were corrupt, would they be posting about 95-100% proficiency in English, and about 95% in math? Another dumb reason, "Over saturation- meaning too many Charter Schools per neighborhood. What? If that was even possible, I would swim in Newtown Creek. It's not true in Harlem, which he represents, in where which there is of 7,000 applications for just 1,100 seats. What? How dumb is that? No wonder we finished nearly dead last in the "Race to the Top" grant competition.

Perkins and Huntley are promoting a race to the bottom. The kids (like me) will end up being the losers.

Sometimes you have to wonder weather he really went to an upscale private school, or if he did go to Brown University. Because after seeing this, I doubt he ever did.